U of T Team

The UofT team is a group of interdisciplinary students working to improve snowmobile components to improve the Nain Team's odds in the race! 


Nicole Ryk

Design Lead

Nicole is a second year Materials Science and Engineering student. She is passionate about engineering design and problem solving. She has been an active member of the Cain's Quest Snowmobile Design team since 2018, and has become increasingly passionate about the competition since.


Erin Furnell

Team Lead

Erin is a PhD candidate in the Materials Science and Engineering Department. Since travelling to Labrador in 2018 as a part of the Labrador Engineering Awareness Program, Erin has been interested in working on engineering problems with the communities there. What better way to contribute than to participate in a widely loved competition: Cain's Quest Endurance Snowmobile race!


Ungku Zoe Anysa

Media Lead

Zoë is a third year undergraduate student in the Materials Science Specialist program and is also minoring in mathematics. Having been born and raised in Malaysia, she has found adapting to and living in a cold climate intriguing although at times challenging. She hopes to gain experience on a design team that focuses on these issues and works with local communities in remote locations in Canada.

Nain Team

The UofT Team has partnered with experienced snowmobile racers who will be competing in Cain's Quest! The racing team is two Inuit people from Nain, Labrador. 

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Jeremy Ivany

Jeremy is heavy equipment operator from Nain, Labrador. He has lived there all his life and has two lovely daughters. Jeremy has participated in Cain's Quest before as a support team member. This is his first time participating as a racer.


Brian Flowers

Brian is a mill operator at Vale and lives in Nain, Labrador. He was born and raised in Nain and lives there together with his family. This is Brian's first year participating in Cain's Quest as a racer.